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Multiple container sizes available. No delivery or pickup fees – we loan you our truck for FREE. And you get your first month’s storage FREE when you rent a container for 3 months or more.

Use the code FIRSTFREE at checkout to claim your free month of storage.

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What makes Red Rover® Different than PODS®?

Lots! Red Rover® provides a number of advantages over PODS® or other portable storage companies. First of all, with Red Rover®, there are no delivery or pickup fees and no waiting around for delivery—you get to use our truck for free! Also, many HOAs or municipalities have restrictions on whether you can have a portable storage container on your property—no issues there when you use Red Rover®. Bottom line: You save a boatload of money and have complete control over the entire process!

16ft Container Price Comparison - One Month Rental


Monthly Storage



Delivery Fee


Free Use of Truck

Redelivery Fee


Free Use of Truck




Red Rover Customer Savings


Based on 8/1/2021 pricing for rental of a 16’ container kept at the storage facility. PODS Delivery in Syosset NY, 11791. Red Rover does not charge delivery fees, you get to use our truck for free from 8 AM to midnight for 60 miles. We pay for the gas too!

Service comparison


Rent container by the month

Multiple container sizes

Online ordering

Secure storage facility for container

Multiple containers on the truck

Use truck for free

Completed all in one day

Customer controls pickup / delivery time

No local regulations against containers

Onsite storage

No fees for delivery or pickup

Container brought back to the lot for access

Container can be accessed at storage facility

Less expensive

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Trucks to Fit Your Needs

Our brand new trucks are designed for the “everyday” driver and are super easy to use. Our trucks are sanitized between every use and come equipped with all the latest safety features. Don’t forget that you get to use our truck for free. We even pick up the gas and tolls and provide a dolly at no expense.


Flexible Container Sizes

We have two sizes of containers, and by using one or many, you can solve just about every moving and storage need there is. And every feature was designed to be easy to use and safe—including barn style doors and tie-downs to secure your belongings.

Secure Storage

Our secure storage facilities are conveniently located for easy access to your belongings. They are climate controlled, equipped with security cameras, and only Red Rover® employees have access to the facility, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and well cared for.

Fetchable Moving & Storage™

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A new solution backed by over 150 years of expertise

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. Using our Self-Service Locations, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience. No waiting on drivers and no hidden fees! And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the driving from one of our locations to a Storage Center in your destination city..

Red Rover was founded by Pete Warhurst, who founded PODS®. His goal was to define a new breed of moving and storage that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. We’re happy to say he succeeded!