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How Does Red Rover Compare?

Put Red Rover up against any other method of moving and storage, and you'll see why we feel we've created the "ultimate breed" of moving and storage services. Regardless of if you're looking for the lowest cost, the most convenient, or help handing a complicated move, you'll find that Red Rover checks all of the boxes across the moving and storage industry.

Red Rover vs Portable Storage

Red Rover was designed to be a lower cost, more convenient alternative to a portable storage container that is dropped on your property.

  • We’ve eliminated expensive delivery and pick up fees that can nearly double your monthly storage rate.
  • You’ll never run into an issue bringing a Red Rover truck and container into a HOA community or apartment complex.
  • You’re in complete control of delivery and pick up since you reserve the truck and pick it up on your schedule.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice your driveway or lawn to place the storage container on.

With Red Rover, you’ll use our truck for FREE for up to 14 hours to bring your portable storage container home to load up. We’ll cover gas, tolls, and 30 miles of driving in your monthly rental fee as well. When you’re ready to unload your container, you’ll get the same 14 hours of free truck use, along with an additional 30 miles of driving and free gas and tolls!


Red Rover vs Full-Service Movers

Sure it’s nice to have someone do everything for you. But guess what? That also means you’re at the mercy of their schedule and prices. With Red Rover, you’re in control.

  • Use our recommended pack and load provider paired with a Red Rover rental to slash the price of a full-service move.
  • Know exactly where your belongings are being stored while you’re in between homes, and easily access them when you need to.
  • Save money by picking up and dropping off your FREE truck and have movers meet you to load and unload.

Where Red Rover really differentiates from traditional full-service movers is our ability to create an “a la carte” move depending on your wants, needs, schedule, and budget. Our service can be arranged as 100% full-service moving, 100% “do-it-yourself" moving, or somewhere in the middle. Give a Red Rover Concierge a call at 833-733-7683 to learn more.


Red Rover vs Self Storage

If you’re out of space in your home and need somewhere to stash away some belongings for a while, then a self storage unit makes sense. For moving and storage uses, you’ll be banging your head against the storage unit door after your 10th trip back and forth!

  • Bring your storage unit home to load up and unload. While your container is in storage, you can request access anytime at one of our Storage Centers or Self Service Lots, for FREE!
  • Skip the wear and tear on your vehicle of loading it up with your belongings and making countless trips to and from your self storage unit. We let you drive our truck for FREE for 14 hours on the first and last day of your rental.
  • Load and unload your storage unit ONCE instead of making multiple visits to move things in and out of the storage unit.

All Red Rover containers are stored in our brand-new Storage Centers, so you won’t have to worry about leaky roofs, insects or rodents, or any other occurrences that self-storage brings to the table.


Red Rover vs Rental Truck

Try this on. When you rent our container for a month or longer, you get to use our truck for FREE. We even pay for gas and tolls, and also include 30 free miles and a free dolly to use to load/unload your container. What rental truck company can offer that? Comparing Red Rover to a rental truck highlights some of the most important reasons we started Red Rover.

  • Rental truck costs regularly double, or even triple, the initial advertised price once mileage, gas, dolly rentals, tolls, and other charges are factored in. With Red Rover, the price you see is the price you pay!
  • Our brand new fleet of trucks feature state-of-the-art driver safety features like back up cameras and lane departure warnings. Rental trucks, well, don’t. We even include complimentary roadside assistance, just in case something goes wrong while you're on the road.
  • Did we mention you get to use our truck for FREE? On the first day and last day of your rental, you’ll get to use our truck for up to 14 hours. That’s 2X the amount of free truck use!

If you’re planning a long-distance move, let Red Rover handle the long haul. For moves between our markets, we offer long distance transportation and short/long-term storage until you’re ready to move in to your new home. Speak with a Red Rover Concierge agent today at 833-733-7683 to find out more about using Red Rover instead of a rental truck for your next move.


Red Rover vs Moving Trailers

So, a company drops off a 28’ trailer in your driveway. You load up all your belongings and pay by how many feet you take up. The rest of the trailer filled up with somebody else’s stuff, or even “commercial goods.” Sounds weird, right?

  • With Red Rover, your container is exclusively yours for the duration of your rental. You put a lock on it, and nobody else accesses the container.
  • If you live in an apartment or complex where a 28’ trailer can’t be left...well you are out of luck! Red Rover’s 8’ and 16’ trucks are ideal for bringing a container to an apartment complex, down a crowded street, or in congested city areas.
  • Moving is on your schedule with Red Rover, not some freight companies. Whether you’re moving long distance or a couple towns over, your container will always be available to you on the date you select.

A moving trailer does get your items from point A to point B, but what do you do with your stuff when it arrives if you’re not ready to move in. Save on the loading and unloading hassles and let Red Rover handle your long distance move. We provide the transportation to your end destination, and since your belongings are already in a personal storage container, we can also provide short and long-term storage until move in day arrives.


Red Rover vs DIY Moving

We all agree, moving can be incredibly stressful. The decluttering, the packing, the cleaning, the labeling, and more can consume huge chunks of time and effort, culminating in moving day where dozens of trips back and forth moving boxes and bags can make even the coolest of tempers boil over. Red Rover has created the ultimate moving solution for the DIY-minded customer, Fetchable Storage.

  • DIY to us means “Drive It Yourself.” With just one month of storage rental, you’ll get to use our state-of-the-art truck for FREE. Save the wear and tear on your personal vehicle and enjoy free gas, tolls, 30 free miles, and a free dolly to use to load and unload.
  • You’ll get to use our truck on the first and last day of your rental, in the meantime, your storage container is safely kept in our Storage Center, where you can easily access your belongings with no additional fees.
  • Once you start a DIY move, you’re stuck finishing it off DIY style too! With Red Rover, we can arrange pack and load service, pick up and drop off of your truck and container, and even long distance transportation, at any point during your rental.

Not only do we pride ourselves on being a cost-effective solution to a variety of options in the moving and storage space, but we also aim to put forward an experience that customers will remember for a lifetime. Our brand-new fleet of trucks, state-of-the-art contactless pickup and drop off systems, and personalized concierge services are just some of the ways we show our customers that Red Rover really is the “Best in Show” in the moving and storage industry.

Red Rover Moving & Storage Reviews

Red Rover® Overall Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Very user-friendly and cost-effective service.

Gregg B.

Red Rover provided me significant savings compared to others in the "portable" storage industry.

Marc L.

Just did phase one today of the storage rental...plenty of directions and check ins leading up...vehicle was ready and I was off to load up my house! Thank you!

Jeff B.

The service was great and was very convenient.

Jake S.

This was the easiest moving experience I have ever had.

Rick F.

They made moving much less stressful for less than 1/3 of the cost of a competitor. 

Stephen N.



Compare Red Rover To PODS®

Our CEO, Pete Warhurst, founded Red Rover with the goal of providing a more complete moving and storage experience than his last venture in the industry, as founder and CEO of PODS®. While Fetchable Storage from Red Rover shares some similarities to PODS®, we’ve found areas to improve our service offerings that make Red Rover the most comprehensive moving and storage service available today. Here’s how Red Rover stacks up against PODS®:

PODS vs Red Rover Service Comparison
Red Rover Logo
Rent container by the month
Container Delivery to Your Location
"DIY It" and Save on Delivery Fees
Multiple container sizes
Use truck for free
Brand New Truck with State of the Art, Patented Ramp System
Free Dolly with Truck Rental
Founded by Pete Warhurst

PODS® and the PODS® logo are the registered trademarks of PODS.

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