Picking Up Your Red Rover Storage Container & Truck


Picking Up


Returning Your Container



Tips for Picking Up Your Red Rover Storage Container

  • Your container and truck will be prepared for you the night before your scheduled date.
    • The truck will be cleaned, disinfected and fueled.
    • The container(s) you ordered will be cleaned and secured to the truck.
  • Enter our Self Storage Lot through the main gate.
    • You should have received a text from Red Rover to the phone number on your account the day before your pick up.
    • Only this phone number will be authorized to use our gate access system. Once you arrive to our Self Service Lot, text OPEN back to the text message you received from us, and the gate will open in a few seconds.
    • If the gate does not open, please text us and our Concierge Agents will assist you.
    • If you do not get a timely response to the text messages, press the CALL button on the gate controller panel to reach our urgent needs contact staff.
    • Do not allow anyone to follow you through the gate.
  • Park in the space designated for customer parking.
    • Find your truck by the serial # that was emailed or texted to you on the front driver side bumper. Look for the paw print.
    • There is only enough space to park one personal vehicle.
    • Please do not park any vehicles in the space reserved for the truck.
  • Exit facility with your truck.
    • The truck will be unlocked.
    • Familiarize yourself with the truck and the safety features.
    • The keys will be in the ignition.
    • The remote to our ramp is on the key chain.
    • Watch this video to see how the ramp operates.
    • The main gate will open and close automatically to allow exit.

Returning Your Red Rover Container

  • Please return the truck and container before midnight on your scheduled day.
    • Late returns may be billed extra!
    • Our trucks fuel caps are not accessible.
    • The fuel is on us!
  • Enter our facility through the main gate.
    • The truck's transponder should automatically open the gate as you approach it.
    • If the gate will not open for any reason, reply OPEN to the text messages from Red Rover®.
    • For your security, make sure the gate closes behind you.
    • Do not allow anyone to follow you through the gate.
  • Park your truck back in a space that is designated for truck return.
    • Do not lock the truck!
    • Place keys in red key drop box.
  • Make sure your container is locked and secure.
  • Exit facility with your personal vehicle.
    • The main gate will open and close automatically to allow exit.

Security at Our Facilities

  • Our facilities have the following safety features:
    • All our facilities are fenced and have access controlled gates to prevent unauthorized access.
    • All facilities have a state-of-the-art security system that includes several security cameras that monitor and report all movement.
    • All parking areas are well equipped with lighting for our customers returning their truck at night.
    • All trucks are immobilized when not being used by a customer, and cannot be driven away or moved.
    • All containers are secured on the trucks and cannot be removed without specialized equipment.
    • Your are responsible for the following actions and items:
    • For all emergencies, call 911
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