Moving to and from the Hyattsville Area

Choose Red Rover® as your moving and storage partner in Hyattsville, Maryland. We’ve combined the best aspects of rental trucks, portable storage, and mini storage to make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible. Hyattsville is only 20 minutes from our Capitol Heights location, giving customers a more convenient and affordable way to manage their moving and storage needs. Explore local and long distance services, pricing options, and more below.

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Locations Serving Hyattsville, MD

For those in need of an immediate moving and storage solution near Hyattsville, we recommend using the following location:

Moving and Storage Service Area

Take advantage of Red Rover’s high-quality, innovative solutions for your upcoming move. Our local service area currently includes the following cities, within a 30-mile radius of our Capitol Heights location:

Discounted Moving and Storage for Students and Military

Students and military members can enjoy 10%+ off Red Rover’s moving and storage services in the Hyattsville area. We are happy to provide discounted rates on monthly storage to colleges, universities, and military bases including, but not limited to:
  • Prince George’s Community College
  • University of Maryland
  • Howard Community College
  • Washington Adventist University
  • Fortis College
  • Fort Meade Army Base
  • Coast Guard Yard
  • Surface Forces Logistics Coast Guard
  • Naval Academy Navy Base
  • Naval Medical Center Navy Base
  • NSA Annapolis Navy Base
  • Naval Support Facility
  • Carderock Division of the NSWC
Image of a Red Rover truck with a ramp deployed from the side.

Hyattsville Uses Red Rover Moving and Storage For

  • Long Distance Moves to/from Hyattsville
  • Self-storage in Hyattsville
  • Moving Trucks and Dollies in Hyattsville

Long Distance Moving Destinations to and from Hyattsville

Red Rover currently provides long distance moving services in Hyattsville to and from the following destinations and Red Rover locations.

Why Use Red Rover for Your Long Distance Move?

Red Rover’s long distance moving services are available for customers in Hyattsville, MD. We offer various container sizes and pricing options to fit your specific needs, budget, and schedule. When you choose Red Rover to handle your long distance move, we’ll store your belongings at your nearest location until you’re ready to move in. Then, we do the driving to your next destination — right to your front door!

Learn more about long distance moving with Red Rover.

Hyattsville Self-Storage Options

In the Hyattsville area, you can choose between an 8-foot and 16-foot portable storage container. Discounts are available for multiple container rentals.
8-Foot Storage Container Features

8-Foot Storage Container Features

  • Holds approximately 1-2 rooms worth of goods
  • Approximate equivalent of a 10'x5' self-storage unit
  • 5,500 LB weight limit
  • 431 cubic feet of storage
  • Doors on front and back for ease of use
*Please note that you need 2 locks for this container.



Height: 8'
Width: 8'
Length: 8'

Compare with our 16' Moving Container!
16-Foot Storage Container Features

16-Foot Storage Container Features

• Holds approximately 3-4 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of 10' x 15' storage unit
• 7700 LB weight limit
• 866 cubic feet of storage
• Door on one end


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 16’

Compare with our 8' Moving Container!

At Red Rover, our local moving and storage solutions are perfect for customers moving down the road, a few towns over, or across state lines. Pick up your storage unit near Hyattsville, drive it home to load up, and return back to our lot. When you rent for a month or longer, you get to use our modern moving truck for FREE. Need quick access to your storage? No problem. Simply log into the site and choose a time that works for you! 

Learn more about local moving and storage with Red Rover.

Moving Trucks in Hyattsville

Our state-of-the-art moving trucks near Hyattsville are yours to use for FREE with your monthly storage at Red Rover. Check out what sets us apart from traditional rental truck solutions below.

Our Lineup of Trucks

A Red Rover moving truck with an 8ft container loaded for side access.

8' Truck

• Super maneuverable and great for urban areas where parking may be at a premium.
• Holds one 8’ container
• Multiple container configurations
• Contents allowance for one 8’ container is 5,500 lbs.
• Equivalent self-storage center size: Between a 10’x5’ and a 10’x10’


Clearance needed (height): 13’
Length: 18’

Check out more details about our 8' Moving Truck!

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with a 16ft storage container.

16' Truck

• Our workhorse. Great to drive.
• Holds one 16’ container, or two 8’ containers
• Multiple container configurations
• Contents allowance for one 16’ container is 7,700 lbs.
• Equivalent self-storage center size: 10’x15’


Clearance needed (height): 13’
Length: 25’

Check out more details about our 16' Moving Truck!

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with a 16ft and 8ft storage container.

24' Truck

  • Our largest - selected by many who aren't sure how much storage they need.
  • Holds on 16' container and one 8' container, or three 8' containers
  • Multiple container configurations
  • Contents allowance for one 16' container and one 8' container is 9,600 lbs.
  • Equivalent self-storage unit size: 25'x10'


Clearance needed (height): 13'
Length: 36'

Check out more details about our 24' Moving Truck!

About Hyattsville

Hyattsville is a city in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and a close, urban suburb of Washington, D.C. Home to approximately 18,000 residents, Hyattsville is conveniently located near the region’s major cities and employment hubs. The city’s 20-plus historic sites and vibrant 25-acre Arts District draws tourists and history buffs from all over the country. Hyattsville also has a diverse assortment of homes and reasonable real estate prices, which make it a very attractive place to live.
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