Ronkonkoma Portable Storage and Moving Solutions

Moving to or from Ronkonkoma, NY? Red Rover® focuses on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. Using our Long Island storage center, located 30 minutes from Ronkonkoma, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your leisure. What’s more — you get to use one of our moving trucks for FREE with every storage rental. Experience the Red Rover difference for yourself today.

Portable Self-Storage near Ronkonkoma

If you’re in need of flexible storage or moving solutions near Ronkonkoma, we recommend working with the following locations:

Long Distance Moving Destinations to and from Ronkonkoma

With Red Rover’s long distance moving services to and from Ronkonkoma, you’re in control. Schedule a pickup at the location of your choice and we’ll get your storage container prepared on a state-of-the-art moving truck. Bring it home and load it up, then drive back to our lot and we’ll take it from there! Once you’re ready to move in, we’ll transport it to your new location — right to your door.

Learn more about long distance moving with Red Rover.

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Ronkonkoma Fetchable Storage Options

In the Ronkonkoma area, you can choose between an 8-foot and 16-foot portable storage container. Discounts are available for multiple container rentals, including combo offers that can be combined onto a 24 foot moving truck.

8-foot Portable Storage Container

  • 8’ Length x 8’ Width x 8’ Height
  • Good for 1-2 Rooms
  • 5,500 Lb weight limit
  • 431 Cubic Feet of Storage
  • Similar to: 10’x5’ storage unit
  • Doors on Front and Back

16-foot Portable Storage Container

  • 16’ Length x 8’ Width x 8’ Height
  • Good for 1-2 Rooms
  • 7700 Lb weight limit
  • 866 Cubic Feet of Storage
  • Similar to: 10’x15’ storage unit
  • Front Door access only

Moving Trucks in Ronkonkoma

With each storage unit rental near Ronkonkoma, customers get access to a free moving truck. Your storage unit will be loaded onto a complimentary moving truck each time you arrange pickup.

About Ronkonkoma

Ronkonkoma is a hamlet on Long Island in Islip, New York, with an estimated population of 18,300 residents. Ronkonkoma features several characteristics that make it an attractive destination, including the Lake Ronkonkoma on its northeast side, which has many parks and beaches surrounding it. Businesses have sprung up around the lake and into Ronkonkoma, making the hamlet a center of commerce. There are two major commuting services in the area, MacArthur Airport and Ronkonkoma Station of the Long Island Railroad. Residents of Ronkonkoma can expect an overall convenient, busy, and active community with beautiful, scenic views and a thriving business scene. 

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