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Pick up your container with our FREE truck. Then we’ll transport it to your new location—right to your door. Save time. And money. That’s Fetchable Moving & Storage™.

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Step 1

Schedule Your FREE Truck

When you’re ready to pick up your container, we provide you with one of our trucks for free. Trucks come with free fuel, free tolls, free dolly, state of the art driver’s aides such as backup cameras, and 60 miles when you rent one of our containers for 1 month or more.

Step 2

Pick Up & Load Your Container

Once your pick-up date arrives, your container and truck will be waiting for you to bring home to load it up. All of our trucks feature a remote-controlled Easy-to-Load ramp and a complementary dolly for you to use to help load your container.

Step 3

Return to Our Location

You’ll be able to use our truck from 8am to midnight on the day of pick-up, so once you’re all loaded up, just head back to our lot and park the truck in the designated spot. We’ll take it from there!

Step 4

We Deliver To Your Door

Once you've returned your container back to us, we'll store your container in our facility until it's time for us to transport it to your final destination.

*Service not available in all locations.

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What Size Container Do You Need?


Moving & Storage Container - 8'

8ft Container

431 cubic feet of storage space

Perfect for studios or small apartments

Fits 1-2 rooms of items


Moving & Storage Container - 16'

16ft Container

866 cubic feet of storage space

Equivalent of a small 1 car garage

Fits 3-4 rooms of items


Moving & Storage Container - 8' + 16'

8ft + 16ft Container

1,297 cubic feet of storage space

Easily move your entire home

Fits 5-6 rooms of items

A new solution backed by over 150 years of expertise

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our Fetchable Moving & Storage™ containers, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience, no waiting on drivers and no hidden fees. And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the driving from one of our locations to the next.

Red Rover was founded by Pete Warhurst, who founded PODS®. His goal was to define a new breed of moving and storage that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. We’re happy to say he succeeded!