Long Distance Moving Services

Red Rover® provides customers with comprehensive long distance moving (and storage) solutions to help make your move as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re moving a state over or 1,000 miles away, we’ve got you covered. Simply pick up your portable storage container with our FREE state-of-the-art truck. Then we’ll transport it to your new location—right to your door. We offer various container sizes and pricing options to meet each customer’s unique budget, capacity needs, and schedule. Learn more about long distance moving with Red Rover below.

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Red Rover is the Future of Long Distance Moving

We created our Fetchable Moving and Storage® service to be the most flexible, affordable option available. If you are moving long-distance we can make it as low stress as possible. Let’s get moving. 

A New Solution from Portable Storage Solutions, LLC

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our moving & storage containers, we can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience. Our team is full of industry-leaders in the moving and storage space, so let us know you that Red Rover is the right option for your moving & storage needs.

1. Storage on your schedule.

Book your storage container online. We’ll have it loaded on one of our trucks and ready for you to pick up at one of our convenient locations. 



2. Use our FREE truck.

When you’re ready to pick up your container, we provide you with one of our brand-new trucks for free. Trucks come with FREE fuel, FREE tolls, FREE dolly, and 30 miles when you rent one of our containers for 1 month or more.

3. You pack it up.

Use our truck for the day (8AM-10PM) to pack up your container and then return it to our lot when you’re done.


4. We store it.

We’ll keep your container in storage for as long as you need at one of our secure storage facilities. Whether you need all your stuff back or just a few things, just let us know, and we’ll have your container ready for you.


How Much Does a Long Distance Move Cost?

The average cost of a Red Rover long distance move is approximately $2,158.80, on the lower end of the $2,000 to $5,000 average moving cost range seen in the United States. The cost will vary depending on the distance, location, and the size and number of containers needed to move to your new home. Pricing starts at $159* for an 8’ container and $199* for a 16’ container. There is no one-size-fits-all moving solution, which is why we provide personalized support for all of our services. Use our Get a Quote feature to get an estimate on your long distance move today.
*Pricing may vary by market/location.


How Red Rover Compares to Traditional Moving & Storage Companies

Red Rover vs Rental Truck

Try this on. When you rent our container for a month you get to use our truck for FREE. We even pay for gas, tolls, 30 miles, and a free dolly. And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the long haul! And don’t forget that renting a truck can be pricier than you think. Add up charges for mileage, insurance, fuel costs, and food and hotel and you’ll see why Red Rover is the smart decision.

Red Rover vs Full-Service Movers

Sure it’s nice to have someone do everything for you. But guess what? That also means you’re working on their schedule and paying through the nose. With Red Rover, you’re in control. And, if you need storage, it’s already in a storage container. And, did we mention you get to use our truck for FREE? More Control? More Savings? That’s Red Rover.

Red Rover vs Moving Trailers

So, a company drops off a 28’ trailer in your driveway. You load up your valuables and pay by how many feet you take up. The rest of the trailer is filled up with somebody else’s stuff or even “commercial goods”. Sounds weird right? With Red Rover, your container is your container. We loan you our truck for FREE. And if you need storage, well, you’re already in a storage container!

Red Rover vs Portable Storage

With Red Rover, you don’t have to pay expensive delivery or pick up fees. You don’t have to deal with local regulations. You don’t have to wait for delivery or pick up. And you don’t have a container sitting in your driveway. With Red Rover do get to use our truck for FREE. You do get to use our truck when it's convenient for you. And you do save money.

Red Rover's Storage Container Sizes

With Red Rover’s portable storage options, it’s easy to find the right size storage unit for you. Our portable storage containers come in 8-foot and 16-foot sizes, which can also be rented together for additional savings! Unlike our competitors, our containers are brand new, have barn-style doors that won’t get stuck, and have weather-resistant design, including vents to combat mold concerns.

8′ Container

• Holds approximately 1-2 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of a 10’x5′ self-storage unit
• 5,500 LB weight limit
• 431 cubic feet of storage
• Doors on front and back for ease of use

*Please note that you need 2 locks for this container.


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 8’


Check out more details about our 8′ Moving Container

16′ Container

• Holds approximately 3-4 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of 10′ x 15′ storage unit
• 7700 LB weight limit
• 866 cubic feet of storage
• Door on one end


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 16′

Check out more details about our 16′ Moving Container!

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Red Rover has to be one of the most affordable ways to store things.

Darin P.

This company is local and reasonably priced. This company really went above and beyond to help make things easier for our move despite a health emergency.

Colette C.

They provided the kind of white glove, 5-star service you would expect from a major brand. They were knowledgeable about their product, anticipatory with meeting my needs and exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Red Rover again for my future storage needs.

Herman A.


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