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Storage at Your Location is Here

Storage at Your Location is Here

We are excited to announce that Red Rover is now able to deliver containers right to your location! We are currently rolling out this new service to markets across the country. Our customers are now able to have 8ft and 16ft containers delivered right to their location. Fill the container up at your own pace, then choose to store the container at your location, in one of our secure, climate-controlled Storage Centers, or have us move it to your new home.

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The Most Flexible Way to Move & Store

Pete Warhurst, the man who invented PODS® 25 years ago, is at it again. While PODS® was a breath of fresh air, times have changed. Consumers want more options, and they want a new experience – all without breaking the bank. Red Rover delivers. Our focus on each and every customer having a positive experience with Red Rover, our fresh approach to moving & storage is quickly catching on across the country!

Our state-of-the-art storage containers provide our customers with the most flexibility in the industry. Have your container delivered to your home, or use our truck to drive your container to where you need it. Bring it back to our Storage Center for safekeeping, keep it at your location for as long as you need, or have us move it locally or long-distance to your final destination. With Red Rover, you’re in control of your move.

How Red Rover Works

Need Storage?
Our portable storage containers are the ultimate in moving and storage flexibility.
Moving Locally?
Learn why you'll never want to store your belongings a different way again.
Moving Long Distance?
Use a moving company that gives you flexibility, less stress, and big savings.

Moving and Storage Solutions Designed for You

Red Rover provides our customer with a range of moving and storage services to fit your specific needs. We understand that no two moves are the same, so we’ve developed a service that can be customized to even the most complex of moves.

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There are many moving and storage companies available across the U.S., and choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. With Red Rover, you won't regret your decision to move and store with us. Just compare us to any other moving and storage company. Whether you’re looking for the most affordable prices, convenient moving and storage options, or help handling a complex move - Red Rover checks all of the boxes. You’ll see why we feel we’ve created the "ultimate breed" of moving and storage services.

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Rent container by the month
Container Delivery to Your Location
"DIY It" and Save on Delivery Fees
Multiple container sizes
Use truck for free
Brand New Truck with State of the Art, Patented Ramp System
Free Dolly with Truck Rental
Founded by Pete Warhurst

PODS® and the PODS® logo are the registered trademarks of PODS.

Check Out Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

Red RoverĀ® Overall Rating: 4.85 / 5.0

I can honestly say that Red Rover was the BEST experience and cost me about 40% less than their competitors.

Jon S.

The cost was very affordable compared to storage units and there in no unloading and reloading an extra time.

Brian B

They had the most reasonable prices from NY to FL compared to the many moving companies that I called…no hidden fees! 

Kadie J.

Red Rover has to be one of the most affordable ways to store things.

Darin P.

I was a little nervous about using a big 24' truck but it actually was easy to drive. The back up cameras were a HUGE help!

Suzie L.

They provided the kind of white glove, 5-star service you would expect from a major brand. They were knowledgeable about their product, anticipatory with meeting my needs and exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Red Rover again for my future storage needs.

Herman A.

Process went off without a hitch and the time we saved not having to pack and unpack multiple times is so nice.

Jack W.

On time. Nothing broken. Nothing shifted. After three months, I was worried about mildew. Zero. Everything was perfect!

Angela C.

Red Rover's Storage Container Sizes

With Red Rover's portable storage options, it's easy to find the right size storage unit for you. Our portable storage containers come in 8-foot and 16-foot sizes, which can also be rented together for additional savings! Unlike our competitors, our containers are brand new, have barn-style doors that won't get stuck, and have weather-resistant design, including vents to combat mold concerns.

Available Sizes

8' Container

8' Container

• Holds approximately 1-2 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of a 10'x5' self-storage unit
• 5,500 LB weight limit
• 431 cubic feet of storage
• Doors on front and back for ease of use

*Please note that you need 2 locks for this container.


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 8’

Check out more details about our 8' Moving Container

16' Container

16' Container

• Holds approximately 3-4 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of 10' x 15' storage unit
• 7700 LB weight limit
• 866 cubic feet of storage
• Door on one end


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 16'

Check out more details about our 16' Moving Container!

Find Moving & Storage Near You

Red Rover is opening new locations all the time, and we are excited to see where we go in 2023! Check which states and areas we are currently serving below by clicking on the map, or selecting a state from the dropdown menu. Each location is capable of long distance services to and from other states.

Our locations also serve neighboring states, so if you don't see your state listed, give us a call at 833-733-7683 and our Concierge Team can find out if Fetchable Storage is available near you.


The Next Great Moving and Storage Franchise!

The Next Great Moving and Storage Franchise!

We are excited to announce that Red Rover has launched our franchise program. When Pete Warhurst sold PODS® he thought he was done. However, after a few years he realized a way to improve upon the industry that he created and that is when Red Rover was born.

In addition to his decades of knowledge in moving and storage Pete has recruited a leadership team that represents over 150 years of experience in this industry. Our franchisees all benefit from that experience.

How we help our franchisees succeed:
  • Industry Leading Knowledge
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Hands on Training
  • And so much more
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A New Solution Backed By Over 150 Years Of Expertise

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our Fetchable Moving & Storage™ containers, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience, no waiting on drivers and no hidden fees. And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the driving from one of our locations to the next.

Red Rover was founded by Pete Warhurst, who founded PODS®. His goal was to bring together a team of industry veterans to define a new breed of moving and storage that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. We’re happy to say he succeeded!

PODS® and the PODS® logo are the registered trademarks of PODS.