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Red Rover® is a more convenient and more affordable way to manage your storage needs.

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What is Red Rover®?

Red Rover is Fetchable Storage. You book your container at one of our convenient locations and pick it up on your schedule. You don’t need a truck. We let you use one of ours. For free.

We also provide free fuel, free roadside assistance and free state of the art driver’s aides such as backup cameras. Use our truck for the day (8 am-midnight) and return it to one of our locations when you’re ready. We’ll put your container into storage at our Storage Center for as long as you need.

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How it works

Welcome to the newest innovation in moving & storage -- Fetchable Storage by Red Rover®.


Where can I get a Red Rover® truck and container?

Looking for an immediate moving & storage solution? Red Rover® is as close as your nearest Red Rover Self-Service Lot.


How do I get started?

Wondering how to get started? Reserve online and we'll have one of our trucks with your container(s) on it ready to go so you can pack when you need it.


Driving and Safety

Our trucks are designed to make your move simple with all the latest of safety features. No special license required.


How long can I use a truck?

Red Rover® gives you from 8 am to midnight to move your stuff and it's free with one month's rental (some restrictions may apply).


How big are Your containers?

Red Rover® has just the sizes you need! From 8 ft. x 8 ft. container to 8 ft. x 16 ft. And we have 3 sizes of trucks that all come with the latest safety equipment and you don’t need a special license to drive them.

Check out our videos


How it Works


Where Can I Get a Rover?


How do I get started?


Driving and Safety


How Long Can I Use a Rover?


What Size Rovers Are There?

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

When you rent a storage container from us for just one month, you can use one of our trucks for free to pick up and return your container. That includes fuel, roadside assistance, tolls, 60 free miles, a free dolly, and driver’s aides such as backup cameras. That’s right. No delivery charges. No truck rental fees. No waiting for somebody else. With Red Rover, you’re in control.

It’s a great solution for people who want a convenient moving and storage solution at an affordable price. No expensive delivery fees. No loading a truck and then reloading into a self-storage facility. And it’s particularly convenient for people who are in-between homes. You load your things into our container once, we store it, and when you’re ready, you just use our truck to bring your container to your new location.

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Less work
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service

Move on over to Red Rover!

Enter your zip code on our website and we will show you the locations closest to you and their distance from you. Use the "Map It!" feature to see the locations in Google Maps™.

We will text you your private gate code the night before you're scheduled to pick up your Red Rover® truck and container.  Just reply "open" to the text when you arrive to automatically open the gate. Our lot is secure and you can leave your car there while you are using our truck – no more having to get someone to drop you off and pick you up!

All you need is to be at least 18 years old, have a valid US driver’s license, and provide the name of your car insurance provider. Our brand-new trucks include state of the art safety features and driver’s aides such as backup cameras, lane deviation alerts and height warning alerts are standard on all our trucks. They make driving a cinch. We also provide roadside assistance, but we hope you never have to use it!

Overall, use space as efficiently as possible -- try to pack things snuggly from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as contents will shift while you are driving.

Place your larger, heavier items on the bottom and load lighter items on top of them. Try to distribute the weight of your belongings in the container evenly. Make sure your items are protected and devoid of moisture to prevent mildew and damage to your belongings. We recommend using packing blankets liberally to protect furniture and other items.

You can turn couches on their end to maximize usage of your space – do not shrink wrap leather. Flip mattresses up against the walls or back of the container to best use space. You can pack loose lighter items like blankets and pillows in trash bags. They can be used as padding for other items and to help keep items from shifting.

There are eyelets at regular intervals on the interior posts of the container. It is important to use rope or straps with these eyelets to secure your items as you load your container.

Use a blanket to pad the dolly when loading furniture and other goods. And many people aren’t used to using a ramp, so please be careful!

You can use the truck from 8 am until midnight on the first day of your container rental.

Yes! With the first month’s rent of a Rover container, you get to use one of our trucks at no charge for the day (8 am-midnight). You get 60 miles for free and we pay for the gas and tolls. Please check out our terms and conditions for details.

Fetchable Storage® is storage on a truck that you drive. It’s the affordability of renting a truck and self-storage unit, and the convenience of portable storage. But it’s cheaper and more convenient than either. Rent one of our storage containers for at least one month and we’ll have it waiting for you at one of our convenient locations. Here’s the great part, you don’t need a truck. We let you use one of ours. For free. That includes fuel, tolls, and 60 miles. Use our truck for the day (8 am-midnight) to pick up your stuff and just return it to our location. Using our truck and container means you only have to load your belongings once. And then we’ll keep your container safe and sound in one of our secure storage facilities until you need your things back.

Your only obligation is a minimum of one-month storage in our secure storage facility. We have 2 different sizes of storage containers -- please check our website for pricing. Don’t forget that our customers get to use our truck for free.

We have two sizes of containers, they are 8’ high by 8’ wide by 8’ long or 8’ high by 8’ wide by 16’ long. One of the neat things about our service is that you can order multiple containers in different configurations on one of our trucks! Use our quote page or watch our videos to see the possibilities. The quote is free and there are no obligations!

As long as you need to. If you need something from your storage, just use our site to schedule a container visit and we will have it ready for you. And when you need to get all your stuff back, we’ll loan you our truck again!

In general, an 8’ container will hold 1-2 rooms worth of goods, and a 16’ container will hold 3-4 rooms worth. This is an estimate based on a moderately furnished home or apartment. The amount of space you will need will vary based on the amount of and size of your belongings and how efficiently you load your container.

Our patent-pending ramp is easy to operate and will traverse around the truck so you can position it that works best for your container configuration and where you are going to be loading. There is a keypad to activate the ramp and a remote to move the ramp side to side, up & down, and in & out. No struggling with a heavy ramp for Red Rover customers.

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