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Moving and Storage in Dania Beach

Moving and Storage in Dania Beach

Though we are a nationwide moving and storage service, Red Rover got its start in sunny Florida, founded by none other than PODS® innovator and founder, Pete Warhurst. Red Rover specializes in both local moves and long-distance moving, and we offer two accessible and convenient types of storage: portable storage, known as our Fetchable Storage Solution, and On-Site Containers-  the sit-in-your-driveway, self-storage solution that’s great for home renovations, a little extra space, or hurricane recovery. Our containers are perfect for residential moves, veteran movers, and small business commercial moves. We are your modern moving and storage company that offers month-to-month, pay-as-you-go storage, simplified moving logistics, and the power to set and dictate your own moving schedule.  Read on to learn more about how we can get you moving, help you save big time on storage, or do both moving and storing, all-in-one!

Moving and Storage Solutions in Dania Beach

Moving and Storage Solutions in Dania Beach

So how does Red Rover work? We allow you to pick a container size, move it locally or long distance, or just store it. You can also do both moving and storing, so if you need to move but you’re not sure about where your final destination is quite yet, you can simply store with us month-to-month. For local moves, truck usage is completely free, and for on-site storage, we drop off and deliver.

Moving in Dania Beach

Moving in Dania Beach

If you live in Dania Beach or its surrounding areas, or if you have a move planned, then Red Rover can simplify your moving process with a low-cost solution. With our Fetchable Storage containers, you can choose to move locally, using our modern moving trucks to transport your container - up to 30 miles FREE. Long-distance movers just have to let us know a move-in date and we will deliver your container right to your front door or nearest Red Rover location in your new neighborhood.

Moving Services
How it Works
  • Reserve a container online or by calling us
  • Pick up your container using our modern moving truck
  • Load up your belongings into your container(s)
  • Get Moving! Or for long distances, we’ll bring your container(s) to the final destination

Storage in Dania Beach

Storage in Dania Beach

Do you need short-term storage in Dania Beach? Or maybe you need to store it for an extended time. You might not even know how long you need to store, but you don’t want to sign a long-term contract. Fortunately, Red Rover understands that the best way to do storage is to make it easier and more convenient than ever. Our month-to-month, pay-as-you-go containers are solid steel and built to keep your stuff safe in one of our many climate-controlled Storage Centers.

Storage Services How It Works
  • Reserve your container online or just call us.
  • Pick up your container using one of our easy-to-drive moving trucks.
  • Load up your belongings.
  • Drive your container back on our truck and we’ll keep it secure in our indoor storage.

Portable Storage Container & Moving Truck Rentals in Dania Beach

Red Rover offers several different size containers (8 ft., 16 ft., and 24 ft.). When you first reserve a portable container(s) from us, you will choose your Fetchable Storage container(s) sizes depending on your needs. We load up your container on the back of the truck and all you have to do is drive it home. You never have to take it off the truck. After you’re ready to move, you can simply drive the truck to the next destination for local moves, or bring it back to us so we can deliver it to your new city if it's long distance. If you’re not moving, we can also just store your container in our Storage Center. It’s as simple as that. Below are our container options along with more details about the truck you’ll be using.

Our Lineup of Trucks

A Red Rover moving truck with an 8ft container loaded for side access.

8' Truck

• Super maneuverable and great for urban areas where parking may be at a premium.
• Holds one 8’ container
• Multiple container configurations
• Contents allowance for one 8’ container is 5,500 lbs.
• Equivalent self-storage center size: Between a 10’x5’ and a 10’x10’


Clearance needed (height): 13’
Length: 18’

Check out more details about our 8' Moving Truck!

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with a 16ft storage container.

16' Truck

• Our workhorse. Great to drive.
• Holds one 16’ container, or two 8’ containers
• Multiple container configurations
• Contents allowance for one 16’ container is 7,700 lbs.
• Equivalent self-storage center size: 10’x15’


Clearance needed (height): 13’
Length: 25’

Check out more details about our 16' Moving Truck!

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with a 16ft and 8ft storage container.

24' Truck

  • Our largest - selected by many who aren't sure how much storage they need.
  • Holds on 16' container and one 8' container, or three 8' containers
  • Multiple container configurations
  • Contents allowance for one 16' container and one 8' container is 9,600 lbs.
  • Equivalent self-storage unit size: 25'x10'


Clearance needed (height): 13'
Length: 36'

Check out more details about our 24' Moving Truck!

Check Out Reviews for Red Rover from Past Customers!

Red RoverĀ® Overall Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Red Rover provided me significant savings compared to others in the "portable" storage industry.

Marc L.

This company is local and reasonably priced. This company really went above and beyond to help make things easier for our move despite a health emergency.

Colette C.

They made moving much less stressful for less than 1/3 of the cost of a competitor. 

Stephen N.

The service was great and was very convenient.

Jake S.

Anyone can do it! Very easy to operate. I will use Red Rover again.

Alena N.

Very user-friendly and cost-effective service.

Gregg B.

This is an extremely convenient storage option at a great price!

George B.

Moving to and from Dania Beach Area 

Regardless if you are moving to Dania Beach or you need a change of scenery and are moving out, Red Rover can facilitate your move. We have a number of Storage Centers in the area where you can come and pick up one of our trucks, load up your belongings, and get ready for the big move. Or, let us take care of your storage needs instead of traditional self-storage.

Areas Serviced by Red Rover Moving & Storage – Dania Beach
Don't see your town listed? Use our Quote Tool to see if you're in a Red Rover® service area.

  • Dania Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Davie
  • Hollywood
  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Pompano Beach
  • Hialeah

Helpful Resources When Moving to the Dania Beach Area:

If you’re new to the area, here are some resources that may be useful for your move or search for storage services.

Schools in the Dania Beach Area

There are so many great schools in Florida, from some of the country's best high schools to quite a few of America’s favorite colleges. Whether your school team needs some extra space to store equipment, or you’re a student ready to haul off to your new dorm, Red Rover can handle it. Here are just a few schools in the area, though keep in mind there are so many more not listed here:

  • University of Miami
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Florida International University
  • Miami-Dade
  • The College Academy at Broward College
  • McFatter Technical College High School
  • Pompano Beach High School


Things to Do in Dania Beach Area

If you’re looking for something to do in Southern Florida, you can always head to the beach, go out for a night on the town, or simply just enjoy the local culture. Dania Beach is located near some of the most sought-after vacations in the world, not to mention our food is amazing. 

  • Tour the Everglades
  • Go snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Check out the local beaches
  • Visit the Florida Keys
  • Go shopping at Bal Harbor
  • Go people-watching on South Beach’s famous Lincoln Road
  • Grab lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab 
  • Go on a sunset cruise in Fort Lauderdale

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?
Payment for your storage container and truck rental will require a credit card to cover both payment and potential incidentals not covered by insurance.
How do I schedule or reschedule?
Scheduling is handled through our website. Simply log in to access your account. New customer can get started using our Get a Quote tool. You can also call your Red Rover Concierge for assistance with your order.
How far in advance do I need to schedule?
We recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance for a weekend date, and 1-2 weeks in advance for a weekday. Our schedules fill very quickly towards the end of the month and on weekends!
When will my container be ready after requesting it?
Your container and truck will be ready at the requested location starting at 8AM on your scheduled date.
How is Red Rover® different?
When you rent a storage container from us for just one month, you can use one of our trucks for free to pick up and return your container. That includes fuel, roadside assistance, tolls, 30 free miles, a free dolly, and driver’s aides such as backup cameras. That’s right. No delivery charges. No truck rental fees. No waiting for somebody else. With Red Rover, you’re in control.
How is Red Rover® different?
Is Red Rover® for me?

It’s a great solution for people who want a convenient moving and storage solution at an affordable price. No expensive delivery fees. No loading a truck and then reloading into a self-storage facility. And it’s particularly convenient for people who are in-between homes. You load your things into our container once, we store it, and when you’re ready, you just use our truck to bring your container to your new location.

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Less work
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service

Move on over to Red Rover!

How can I find the Red Rover® locations?
Enter your zip code on our website and we will show you the locations closest to you and their distance from you. Use the "Map It!" feature to see the locations in Google Maps™.
How do I access one of your lots?
We will text you your private gate code the night before you're scheduled to pick up your Red Rover® truck and container.  Just reply "open" to the text when you arrive to automatically open the gate. Our lot is secure and you can leave your car there while you are using our truck – no more having to get someone to drop you off and pick you up!
Who can drive one of the trucks?
All you need is to be at least 18 years old, have a valid US driver’s license, and provide the name of your car insurance provider. Our brand-new trucks include state of the art safety features and driver’s aides such as backup cameras, lane deviation alerts and height warning alerts are standard on all our trucks. They make driving a cinch. We also provide roadside assistance, but we hope you never have to use it!
Do you have any tips on loading a container?

Overall, use space as efficiently as possible -- try to pack things snuggly from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as contents will shift while you are driving.

Place your larger, heavier items on the bottom and load lighter items on top of them. Try to distribute the weight of your belongings in the container evenly. Make sure your items are protected and devoid of moisture to prevent mildew and damage to your belongings. We recommend using packing blankets liberally to protect furniture and other items.

You can turn couches on their end to maximize usage of your space – do not shrink wrap leather. Flip mattresses up against the walls or back of the container to best use space. You can pack loose lighter items like blankets and pillows in trash bags. They can be used as padding for other items and to help keep items from shifting.

There are eyelets at regular intervals on the interior posts of the container. It is important to use rope or straps with these eyelets to secure your items as you load your container.

Use a blanket to pad the dolly when loading furniture and other goods. And many people aren’t used to using a ramp, so please be careful!

A New Solution Backed By Over 150 Years Of Expertise

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our Fetchable Moving & Storage™ containers, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience, no waiting on drivers and no hidden fees. And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the driving from one of our locations to the next.

Red Rover was founded by Pete Warhurst, who founded PODS®. His goal was to bring together a team of industry veterans to define a new breed of moving and storage that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. We’re happy to say he succeeded!

PODS® and the PODS® logo are the registered trademarks of PODS.