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Red Rover offers convenient short or long term storage, on your property, or in our Storage Center with our Portable Storage containers.

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The Most Flexible Way to Move & Store

Our state-of-the-art storage containers provide our customers with the most flexibility in the industry. Have your container delivered to your home for storage on your property, or pack it up and have us bring it back to our Storage Center for safekeeping. Moving locally? No problem! Red Rover can move your full container from your old home to your new home, making moving easier than ever! With Red Rover, you’re in control of your move.

How Red Rover Works

Need Storage?
Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution when you need some extra space. Whether you’re doing renovations, remodeling, downsizing, or just need to get some stuff out of your home, call Red Rover over!
We’ll deliver a an all-steel, weather resistant storage container right to your location for you to load up. Keep it on your property for as long as you need, or have us bring it back to our climate-controlled Storage Center for safe keeping.
Moving with Red Rover puts you in total control of your move. We’ll bring a container to your home, and can even arrange for packing assistance. Once you’re all packed up, we can either bring your storage container right to your new home, or keep it in our climate-controlled Storage Center until move-in day arrives.

Portable Storage Containers

Our Fetchable Storage® containers are durable, built from steel, and can keep your belongings safe and secure. Whether you’d like us to deliver your container to your property for loading/unloading, or would rather have it loaded on a truck for you to move around, Red Rover’s storage containers provide the most flexibility in moving and storage.

Onsite Portable Storage

If you would rather keep your storage at your location, we can deliver your portable storage container right to your property. Our on-site storage provides you easy access to your belongings right outside your door. You can keep our weather-resistant containers on your property until you want our Red Rover team to come to pick them up when your done, or ready for us to move them.

Storage Center Network

Red Rover has an ever-growing network of Storage Centers! Store your container in our climate-controlled Storage Centers if you can’t keep a container on property or until you are ready to move. Our Storage Centers are the hub for containers moving long distance, and are also accessible by local customers to grab a few things from their container.

Short-Term Storage

Red Rover is perfect for short-term storage. Our flexible, month-to-month storage services offer an affordable and commitment-free way to secure a safe place for your belongings. Forget about signing a long-term lease with hidden fees – Red Rover offers flexible short-term storage options when you need it.

Long-Term Storage

It doesn’t matter if you want to store your belongings for a month, or even ten years. Red Rover offers affordable and safe long-term storage. Our climate-controlled storage centers are a secure way to safeguard your furniture and other important items for as long as you need. Once you are ready to retrieve your items from storage, just let us know and our team will get your storage container ready at a moment’s notice!

Emergency Storage

Emergency storage from Red Rover features our heavy-duty, weather-resistant on-site container made of durable steel shell and framing. During weather-related emergencies, Red Rover’s Rapid Response Team can be your partner in safeguarding your belongings while you assess & rebuild damaged property.

Red Rover's Storage Container Sizes

With Red Rover’s portable storage options, it’s easy to find the right size storage unit for you. Our portable storage containers come in 8-foot and 16-foot sizes, which can also be rented together for additional savings! Unlike our competitors, our containers are brand new, have barn-style doors that won’t get stuck, and have weather-resistant design, including vents to combat mold concerns.

8′ Container

• Holds approximately 1-2 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of a 10’x5′ self-storage unit
• 5,500 LB weight limit
• 431 cubic feet of storage
• Doors on front and back for ease of use

*Please note that you need 2 locks for this container.


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 8’


Check out more details about our 8′ Moving Container

16′ Container

• Holds approximately 3-4 rooms worth of goods
• Approximate equivalent of 10′ x 15′ storage unit
• 7700 LB weight limit
• 866 cubic feet of storage
• Door on one end


Height: 8’
Width: 8’
Length: 16′

Check out more details about our 16′ Moving Container!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a great solution for people who want a convenient moving and storage solution at an affordable price. No expensive delivery fees. No long waits to get your container. And it’s particularly convenient for people who are in-between homes. You load your things into our container once, we store it, and when you’re ready, we can deliver it to your new home.

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Less work
  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service

Move on over to Red Rover!

In general, an 8’ container will hold 1-2 rooms worth of goods, and a 16’ container will hold 3-4 rooms worth. This is an estimate based on a moderately furnished home or apartment. The amount of space you will need will vary based on the amount of and size of your belongings and how efficiently you load your container.
We recommend booking a few days before you need to take delivery of your container. In most cases, we’ll have availability by the next day. Same-day availability is always a possibility, please call our Concierge Team to inquire at 833-733-7683.

Enter your zip code on our website and we will show you the locations closest to you and their distance from you. Use the “Map It!” feature to see the locations in Google Maps™.

Overall, use space as efficiently as possible — try to pack things snuggly from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as contents will shift while you are driving.

Place your larger, heavier items on the bottom and load lighter items on top of them. Try to distribute the weight of your belongings in the container evenly. Make sure your items are protected and devoid of moisture to prevent mildew and damage to your belongings. We recommend using packing blankets liberally to protect furniture and other items.

You can turn couches on their end to maximize usage of your space – do not shrink wrap leather. Flip mattresses up against the walls or back of the container to best use space. You can pack loose lighter items like blankets and pillows in trash bags. They can be used as padding for other items and to help keep items from shifting.

There are eyelets at regular intervals on the interior posts of the container. It is important to use rope or straps with these eyelets to secure your items as you load your container.

Use a blanket to pad the dolly when loading furniture and other goods. And many people aren’t used to using a ramp, so please be careful!

Payment for your storage container will require a credit card to cover both payment and potential incidentals not covered by insurance.
Your only obligation is a minimum of one-month storage in our secure storage facility. We have 2 different sizes of storage containers — please check our website or call our Concierge Agents for pricing.
We have two sizes of containers, they are 8’ high by 8’ wide by 8’ long or 8’ high by 8’ wide by 16’ long. 
Our containers are specially designed for our customer and our delivery system. The good new is, you can use them for as long as you need to! All of our rentals are on a month to month basis, so you’re not locked into a contract and can end your rental whenever needed.
Our Red Rover Concierge Agents are available to assist with reservations and answer any questions you may have about upcoming service or existing rentals 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm. Please call 833-733-7683.

A New Solution from Portable Storage Solutions, LLC

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our moving & storage containers, we can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience. Our team is full of industry-leaders in the moving and storage space, so let us know you that Red Rover is the right option for your moving & storage needs.

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Colette C.

This company is local and reasonably priced. This company really went above and beyond to help make things easier for our move despite a health emergency.

Brian M.

 It was the least expensive of all the other companies. So worth it and so convenient. I certainly recommend them.

Alena N.

Anyone can do it! Very easy to use. I will use Red Rover again.


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