9 Packing Tips for Moving

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Use What You Have

Cardboard boxes aren’t the only thing you can use for packing your items. Think about how you can repurpose things you have — plastic containers, hampers, baskets, suitcases, and even briefcases. Set these items aside and load them up with as many belongings as they can handle. This way, you won’t have to spend as much money on boxes.

Stock up on Packing Supplies

It’s probably smart to stock up on packing supplies before you get started. The last thing you want is to have to run to the store while you’re packing moving boxes and making sure everything is out of the house. Order or purchase box cutters, adhesive bandages, packing tape, permanent markers, labels, paper towels, and garbage bags. Even if they aren’t all used during the move, they’ll still be useful afterward.

Plan out Groceries ahead of Moving

If you’re staying in town, or a few towns over, you can easily move any leftover groceries to your new home. However, in the event of a long distance move, plan your last grocery shopping trip about two weeks ahead of your move date. If you plan out your meals, you should be able to use most, if not all, of your food before you leave. Do the same with your household items — toilet paper rolls, paper towels, hand soap, etc. The less you have to bring with you or throw away, the better.

Take Time to Downsize

Start with one room at a time and declutter your home. If there are fewer items to pack, you will have time for more important tasks in the midst of the move. Go through all of your belongings and decide what you can sell and what you can donate. There is probably also a fair amount of items you can toss in the garbage too. Items that are too valuable to donate can be listed on websites including Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Organize Belongings as You Pack

As you pack, make sure you prioritize what you need to keep with you. Organize a few open-first boxes to help you survive the first days or weeks, such as towels, bedding, and a few pots, pans, and dishes. Don’t forget to pack a bag with toiletries, a few clothing items, and personal necessities. You can organize the rest of your boxes by the rooms their contents belong in, or whichever way you feel is most efficient. Just be sure to label each box accordingly.

Pull Aside Valuable Items

Pull aside all your valuables that you don’t want to pack into a moving truck. It’s best to keep these items on your person — in a pocket, bag, or something else that you’re holding to keep them safe and prevent them from being damaged during the move. Belongings to take with you include legal documents, family heirlooms, and any other precious items.

Give Each Room a Different Color Packing Label

To help you stay organized, print multi-colored packing labels or use different colored masking tape to give each room its own color. Label the contents of each box and include which room it belongs in. Once you arrive at your new place, use the colored tape to mark the entrances to rooms. This will help you and your movers know where every box should go. Also, keeping an inventory list in a small notebook is a good way to keep track of what you’ve packed — and to make sure you still have everything when you unpack.

Use the Right Size Boxes

Pack heavy items, like books, in small boxes and lighter items, like linens and pillows, in large boxes. Large boxes packed with heavy items not only make the job harder but also have a better chance of breaking. Also, don’t leave empty spaces in boxes — fill in any gaps with packing paper, clothing, linens, or foam peanuts to avoid shifting during the move. On the other hand, don’t over-pack a moving box. Keep your largest boxes to no more than 50 pounds.

Book Your Moving Company

When you book your moving company early, you can avoid higher prices and ensure they are available on the day you need them — especially if it’s peak moving season. The same goes for renting supplies or hiring professionals such as painters or cleaners to work on the house. This will save you a ton of stress in the long run and make the whole process easier. At Red Rover®, you can simply log in to our site and choose when you’d like to pick up your storage container(s) at the location nearest you.

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