Benefits of Fetchable Storage for College Students

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Red Rover® is proud to provide college students with Fetchable Storage®, putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your moving and storage experience. Our unique solution is specifically tailored to fit your capacity needs and budget, with several customization options. Here are five ways college students can use Fetchable Storage at Red Rover.

Multiple Container Sizes and Configurations to Match Your Needs

Whether you’re storing extra clothes, large appliances and furniture, or seasonal items, Red Rover has the perfect solution for you. We have 8’ and 16’ storage containers, which can also be rented in combination for additional savings. Our containers are weather-resistant and use a heavy duty locking system to keep contents safe and sound. They’re also sanitized between uses to ensure maximum cleanliness. Depending on how much space you need, your portable storage unit(s) will be loaded onto an 8’, 16’, or 24’ moving truck.

Free Use Of Our Modern Moving Trucks Up to 14 Hours

Simply put — if you’re a college student, you’re on a budget. Renting a moving truck can cost double or even triple, the initial advertised price once mileage, gas, tolls, and other charges are factored in. When you rent a Red Rover container for a month or longer, you get to use one of our brand new moving trucks FREE, for up to 14 hours, with no hidden fees.

They’re designed for the “everyday” driver and are super easy to use. What’s more, our trucks come equipped with the latest safety features, such as backup cameras and lane departure warnings. We even include free roadside assistance, just in case of emergency while you’re on the road.

Load and Unload Your Storage Unit Once

The end of the school year is often stressful enough for a college student. In addition to preparing for final exams, you are also faced with deadlines for moving out of your dorm or apartment. The concept of Fetchable Storage can be a huge time saver.

Our portable storage units require half the work of traditional self-storage. You only have to load and unload your container ONCE instead of making multiple trips. We let you drive our truck, free of charge, from 8AM to 10PM on the first and last day of your rental. Then, simply return it to your nearest Red Rover location.

Keep Items in Our Climate-Controlled Storage Center

If you use a portable storage solution while at college, you want to be sure that your stuff won’t be damaged due to environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures and high humidity. This is especially important for long-term storage of items such as wood furniture, metals, and fabric. All Red Rover containers are stored in our secure, climate-controlled Storage Centers, so your belongings will be kept in pristine condition until you need to access them again.

Convenient Access To Your Storage Unit On Your Schedule

Need quick access to your storage unit throughout the semester or before you head home for break? We’ve got you covered. Returning customers can log in to the site and schedule convenient access any time during our normal business hours, at no additional cost. The best part? The whole process is contact-free, so you can be in and out with no hassle.

Personalized Storage Solutions For College Students

Moving in and out of a dorm or apartment can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially if it’s your first time. Make your transition to college life a success with help from Red Rover. We are committed to providing a more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective moving and storage solution for college students. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to help along the way. Contact us about special rates and discounts, or use our Get a Quote feature to schedule your storage unit today!