Calculating How Much Storage Space You Need

Choosing the right size storage unit or portable storage container is crucial to avoid paying for more space than you need or running out of room after most of your items have been loaded up. Whether you’re looking to store the contents of an entire four-bedroom home or a studio apartment, there’s a unit that’s just right for you. So, how do you determine what size you need? Follow this guide to help you figure it out and explore our container sizes and truck configurations at Red Rover® below.

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit

  1. Make a quick list of items you plan to store, including furniture, appliances, and other awkwardly-shaped items that will not be packed in boxes.
  2. Estimate how many boxes, small and large, you will place in your storage unit.
  3. If you aren’t sure how much storage you are going to need, reserve our 24’ truck with a 16’ container and an 8’ container. If you only use one of the containers, you only pay for one of the containers.

Red Rover Container Sizes

 8’ Storage Container:

  • Our 8’ storage containers are similar in size to a 10’x5’ self-storage unit, meaning that it will be ideal for those needing to store belongings from 1 to 2 moderately furnished rooms. There are doors on the front and back of the unit for ease of use.
  • Learn more about our 8’ Storage Containers

16’ Storage Container:

  • For people that are downsizing, moving, or just have a lot of stuff to store, the 16’ container is perfect for handling 3-4 rooms worth of goods. Our 16’ storage container compares well to your standard 10’x15’ self-storage unit. 
  • Learn more about our 16’ Storage Containers

8' + 16' Portable Storage Containers (Combo Deal)

  • For those that need storage for 5-6 room's worth of storage space, Red Rover recommends combining our 8' and 16' containers (equivalent to a 25’x10’ self-storage unit) in one rental to save over $50 a month! We will place both storage containers on the same 24' moving truck for ease of use.

How to Maximize Your Storage Space

The amount of space you will need will vary based on the amount and size of your belongings and how efficiently you load your container. Here are a few tips to follow for packing and loading your storage like a pro. 

Use Sturdy Boxes of Uniform Size: Use sturdy cardboard boxes or heavy-duty plastic containers of uniform size when packing your storage unit. Box stacks are the most efficient use of space, but only four high. 

Load Heaviest Items on the Bottom, Lighter on Top: Group boxes by fragility or weight with heavier boxes on the bottom and fragile items on the top. You’ll also want to disperse the weight across the container or truck.

Fill Up Air Space (Where Possible): As you load up your storage unit, you’ll find unused nooks and crannies. Use pillows, cushions, and other minor items to fill empty spaces. The goal is to use all available space and minimize shifting once you’re ready to transport your belongings. 

Place Frequently-Used Items Toward the Front: If you’re storing items for an extended period, place the items you know you’ll need to access first toward the front of your storage unit. This will save you time and energy and help you find things quickly. 

Store Securely with Red Rover

Red Rover® has several portable storage containers, sizes, and configurations for customers with any budget or capacity requirements. Our portable storage units are brand new, sanitized between every use, and our process is contact-free. When you rent one of our containers for at least one month, you get to use our truck for FREE up to 16 hours. Store your belongings securely with Red Rover using our Get a Quote feature today!

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