Guide to Moving to NYC

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The decision to move to New York City can be thrilling and a life-changing experience. If you are coming from the suburbs or a small town, it can also be very overwhelming. It’s a unique experience to live in one of the world’s most famous cities! It requires endurance and planning to live in the city that never sleeps! Red Rover Moving and Storage can help you navigate the way! Our guide provides you with some quick tips to assist you in the preparation and the move.

1. Research the neighborhoods

New York City has five boroughs and a multitude of neighborhoods. Research different areas to find a place that best fits your lifestyle and budget.  Keep in mind things like your commute, the amount of rent/mortgage you can afford, and your lifestyle. Do you like the hustle and bustle of the city or would you rather have a neighborhood with a more residential vibe? Determine what is the most important to you.

2. Transportation

Depending on where you will work, transportation may be a major factor in determining where you live. NYC is known for its public transportation system.  Familiarize yourself with the subway, train, and bus routes. There are bike share programs to get around the city.  You need to determine how long you want your commute to be, and the cost of getting there. If you decide to keep a car, consider the monthly rates for parking. Keep in mind that 4 of the 5 boroughs in NYC are islands, and ferries may be part of the plan.

3. Find housing

Determine your housing budget, taking into account your commute, lifestyle, and living expenses. Are you able to buy it or will you rent it? Figure out how much space you NEED, not how much space you WANT. Remember space is at a premium in NYC.  Are you looking for a roommate? Consider using a real estate agent or online platforms like Zillow, NYBits, StreetEasy, or RentHop to help you find the right space for you.  Plan ahead for broker’s fees, security deposits, and moving expenses.

4. Get your financials and documents in order

In order to get approved for a lease or mortgage, you need your financials in order.  W2s, tax returns, employment verification, last month’s pay stubs, and bank statements may be required. You may need personal references or a letter from your previous landlord. If everything is organized, it will be easier to submit what is requested. The process up to here can take weeks, months, or even a year!

5. Evaluate moving and storage options

How much are you taking with you? What will fit in your new space? Figure out what you are bringing, getting rid of, or storing. Red Rover has weather-resistant storage containers that can be stored in one of our climate-controlled NY storage centers, which you can access at any time. Our moving and storage options can save you money and let you be in control. If you are moving to an apartment, is it a walkup?  What floor are you on? Can you navigate large furniture up the stairs or do they have twists and turns that would make it impossible to get up?  Storage may be your best option, especially if you plan to move to NYC for a short period of time.

6. Set up new accounts

Moving in will be easier if you set up your necessary utilities before moving in.  Electricity, gas, and internet should be turned on, so you can begin to get settled right away. If you plan on driving in New York, you have 30 days to exchange your out-of-state license for a NY driver’s license. You will need a new license or New York State ID, with your new address, to open a bank account. Find a local bank that has branches that are convenient to both work and your new home. Try to keep your schedule free for a few days before and after your move. Take advantage of the time to get everything in order, with less stress.

7. Make that move

You should now be ready to make that move!  Most of the stressful stuff is done. Try to keep your schedule free for a few days before and after your move. Take advantage of the time to get everything in order, with less stress. Unpack and take care of necessary appointments, like banking and the Motor Vehicle Department. Give yourself a few days to settle in.

8. Explore your new neighborhood

New York City is famous for its entertainment and food. With all of its diversity, there are so many options! Immerse yourself in the city’s culture. From five-star restaurants to street vendors, there is something for everyone.  Enjoy the nightlife, or one of the famous parks and get to know your surroundings.

9. Embrace the city

Now that you are a New Yorker, embrace the city!  NYC is a vibrant and diverse place. The opportunities are endless!  The city has so much to offer and the energy is exciting! There is so much to do in the city that never sleeps.  Attend events and meet new people. Most of all, enjoy your new home!

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