Long Distance Moving Tips

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Tips to Help You Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Create a Plan

Long distance moving is an endeavor that requires a lot of planning, usually months in advance. To prepare, you should write down every moving-related task you need to accomplish. This should include creating an inventory list so you know how much stuff you have. An inventory list is helpful for getting accurate price estimates from movers, staying organized while packing, and keeping track of your items along their journey.

Stay on Schedule

Once your plan is solidified, you need to stay on schedule. Tasks such as utility installations and school enrollment are time-sensitive, and you don’t want to be scrambling to complete everything at the last minute. Sort out your moving-related tasks in order of importance and set up reminders in your phone. Make sure your high-priority items get done first.

Update Important Documents

Changing your address and other information becomes more difficult when you’re moving long distance. You may need to update your driver’s license, registration, and other important documents – the process will differ depending on what city/state you’re moving to. Plan ahead and research what needs to be updated, how to do it, and how long it will take.

Purchase Moving Insurance

Whether you have dozens of valuable items or not, you should find out what your insurance does and does not cover. Sit down with your agent before the move and discuss what your home and auto insurance plans cover while moving. Although moving companies may offer a limited insurance policy, it may be beneficial to purchase a more comprehensive plan if you have several expensive or valuable items you want to protect.

Purge Unnecessary Items

Downsizing before your long distance move can be a major relief. You can cut your moving expenses drastically by taking only the things you’ll need in the future. Decide whether to take or leave something by following the one-year rule: if you haven’t used an item for 12 months, then chances are you don’t need it. Media items like CDs, DVDs, video games, and books are easy to donate, as well as blankets and winter coats. Try selling furniture and other valuable items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or consider having a garage sale before you move.

Tips for Making the Actual Long Distance Move

Move During Off-Season

The timing of your move can have a huge impact on the cost of your relocation. Most people choose to move during the summer, which is the most expensive time of year to hire a moving company. If possible, choose to move during the off-season. This could save you hundreds of dollars and remove some potential logistical hurdles with your moving company. If that’s not an option, try moving on a weekday or in the middle of the month to make improvements on your trip.

At Red Rover, we use fixed rates to keep things simple and always enable you to save money. Your rate will depend on your starting location and destination for your move.

Plan Around Your Delivery Window

The complicated nature of long distance moving and the numerous logistics involved often make it difficult to pinpoint a precise delivery date. Generally, the company will provide a “delivery window” which may vary based on your destination. As a result, it’s crucial to plan to live for the first few weeks without the items on your moving truck. To decrease the stress of waiting for your belongings to arrive, make sure you keep an open-first box (or boxes) and your personal necessities with you.

Currently, Red Rover’s standard delivery window projects to be 3-7 business days, however, this can change, so it’s good for you to double-check with your concierge agent while planning your move. We also offer the ability to store your items for as long as needed ahead of delivery. This allows you to increase your moves flexibility.

Determine Your Move-In Situation

When your moving truck arrives – whether being delivered or driven by you to your home – be prepared. Research your new neighborhood’s parking regulations — will the mover need a parking permit in your city? If your truck runs into unexpected access issues, this may delay your delivery. Ask your moving company about potential added fees pre-move. If you’re moving into an apartment building, check on any move-in day requirements. You may need to reserve a freight elevator.

Did you know that most cities don’t allow moving and storage containers to be placed curbside or on public property? Multiple moving companies will end up charging you hundreds extra for city services.

Figure Out Your Building’s Move-In Stipulations

If you are renting or in an apartment or condo, your building may have certain requirements movers need to meet. In some cases, building managers will not allow movers into the building on specific days/times. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for clearance to move in, so clarify with your building manager beforehand to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Also, be prepared to tip your movers to thank them for their hard work, especially if they do an exceptional job.

Move Long Distance with Red Rover

At Red Rover®, we are committed to helping you make your long distance move a success. We offer 8 and 16-foot storage containers with multiple configurations which can be customized based on your unique needs. Pick up your container with our FREE truck. Then we’ll transport it to your new location — right to your door. Find your nearest Red Rover location, use our Get a Quote feature, and get your move going!