Storage Container Size Guide

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Choosing the right portable storage container, or storage unit, can be hard. It’s difficult to determine how much space and how many containers you may need for a short-term or long-term storage solution, or a local or long-distance move. No moving or storage situation is the same. Everyone has different moving and storage needs, but the good news is that portable storage containers used by Red Rover offer multiple container sizes that you can put directly on the back of a free-to-use moving truck and drive straight to your home, or have us deliver a container that remains on your property.. This guide offers you tips to pick the right size Red Rover container for you.

What Size Storage Container Do I Need?

While it may be hard to imagine how much space you need at first, it’s important to choose the right size storage unit for your specific needs. However, most people may not know the number of items they’re storing. Answering the following questions may help you find the right size container.

What Do I Need to Store?

In order to find the right storage container, make a list of the items you plan on storing. Do you need to store items for just a few rooms, or for an entire home or office? Start pulling out items and taking inventory of everything you need to move or store. Next, take note of the dimensions and weight of your larger items and estimate the number of boxes you’ll need. This will help you measure how much space you’ll need to store your items.

How Long Do I Need My Storage Container?

While knowing how much you need to store is important, you also need to factor in how long you’ll need to access your storage container. Will you need your container in the short-term for a move, or for the long-term to store extra items from home that are starting to clutter? If there is a chance that you will be adding more to your container over time, then it’s better to have some extra storage space. Unless you are confident that you will not be adding any more items, we recommend giving yourself some more room and sizing up your storage container.

Do I Have Fragile or Awkwardly-Shaped Items?

You’re in good shape if you’re just storing boxes. They are easy to measure and easy to stack, helping you save space. You may just need a smaller portable container size for your boxes, depending on how many items you plan on storing or moving. However, if you need to store a mattress, a couch, a floor lamp, or a large mirror, it’s important to note that these items are not stackable. You will need more space to make sure these items do not get damaged while they are in storage. It’s important to factor in some extra storage space if you’re planning on putting these types of items in your container.

Do I Need On-Site Storage?

Ask yourself what type of storage you need. If you need storage right at your door, you should consider an on-site storage con

tainer. Whether you need more storage space at home or your business, an on-site container offers the additional space you need, when you need it. Most on-site storage containers come in an 8ft or 16ft size to accommodate your extra furniture and belongings, large renovation or home remodeling projects, office cleanouts, or when you need to store your belongings due to a hurricane or natural disaster.

Choose Your Storage Container Size

Now that you have a better idea of how much you need to store, you can choose your storage container size. At Red Rover, our containers come in two sizes: 8-foot and 16-foot.

8-Foot Storage Container

Our 8-foot storage container is good for storing decorations, old appliances, dining sets, and mid-size bedroom sets. It’s also great for short-term storage, smaller remodeling projects, studio apartment moves, and 1 bedroom apartment moves. Our 8-foot storage containers hold approximately 1-2 rooms of furniture and are equivalent to a 10’x5′ self-storage unit. It can also hold up to 5,500 lbs worth of items and provides 431 cubic feet of storage. Our 8-foot containers have rear and side door access to make loading and unloading your items easier.

16-Foot Storage Container

Our 16-foot container is our most popular container size for portable storage, local moving, and long-distance moving. It’s good for storing business equipment, multiple bedrooms, living room or bedroom sets, and renovations or remodels. It’s also great for long-term storage and medium to large apartment or home moves. Our 16-foot storage container holds approximately 3-4 rooms of furniture and is equivalent to a 10′ x 15′ storage unit. It can also hold up to 7,700 lbs worth of items and provides 866 cubic feet of storage.

Find the Right Storage Container Size For You

With our container options, you can find the right size storage unit for you. Our 8-foot and 16-foot storage containers can also be rented together if you need more space. Deals are also available for multiple storage unit rentals! The amount of space you will need will vary based on the number and size of your belongings and how efficiently you load your container. Also, don’t forget that all Red Rover storage rentals come with a free moving truck! We don’t make you pay for a moving truck rental when you choose us for storage. However, if you need on-site storage, we deliver the container right to you. Call or get a quote today to learn more about our container sizes or to rent a storage unit.