Tips for Moving with Kids

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1. Communicate with and involve your kids

Start talking with your kids early in the planning process, and let them get involved.  Explain why you are moving and what to expect in your new home. Talk about their new town and school and their daily routine. This will help them feel more comfortable with the change that is coming and ease the anxiety they may have.

2. Address their emotions

Children of all ages can feel sad or angry.  Be supportive of their feelings, as it can be a scary time for children, especially younger ones who are just learning how to process their feelings. Validate their feelings.

3. Include them and allow them to help

Depending on your child’s age, let them help! Give them boxes to pack their toys or clothes.  This will help them feel involved in the process and see that they aren’t leaving everything behind. Moving boxes also make great toys, to keep them occupied while you are packing. Pack their room last, so they can have familiar things around them until you are ready to move.

4. Pack a “moving day” bag for each child

Include a few of their favorite toys, books, snacks, and essentials they may need for moving day.  This will help keep them occupied while you are busy and comfortable because they have familiar things with them.

5. Find a reputable moving and storage company

Red Rover offers a new breed of moving and storage, all at an affordable price. We have more flexibility than traditional moving companies. Pack your containers at your own pace, store them at your location or in our state-of-the-art storage center, and move them with one of our modern moving trucks, or let us make the move for you!

6. Keep a routine

Try to maintain your children’s normal routine as much as possible during a move. This can help them feel more comfortable and secure during the moving process.

7. Take breaks

Moving can be overwhelming for everyone, so make sure to take breaks and spend time with your kids.  Taking a break will help you and them relieve stress, recharge, and focus.

8. Get them involved in designing their new space

Before the move, give your child a layout of their room.  Draw a quick layout or provide a picture and include them or let them decide how it will be set up when you move in.  Collaborate on a theme.  Depending on the budget, buy new things for their room. Even something as small as a picture for the wall can make them feel like it’s their own space.

9. Pack their room last and set up their room first

Pack their room last when you are moving.  It helps with anxiety when they have familiar things around them until a moving day comes. When you move in, set up their room first. Red Rovers storage containers make this a breeze!  Whatever you store last, will be first to unload when you get to your destination.  When you move in, set up their room first, so they have a space that is familiar and stable to them. They will be surrounded by things they are comfortable with.

10. Explore your new neighborhood

Once you’ve moved, and even before you move,  take some time to explore your neighborhood with your kids.  Point out places nearby that you will visit, like playgrounds and parks, their new school, or a new place to eat.  Meet some of your neighbors. Help them become more comfortable and familiar with their new surroundings.

Move with Red Rover

Remember, moving can be a stressful time for you, but moving with children makes it that more challenging.  Everyone has a fear of the unknown, especially children.  Let them know what to expect and keep them involved, and use Red Rover Moving & Storage to help! Red Rover gives you more flexibility and control over other moving companies. Whether moving local or long-distance, we have options that fit your needs, with pricing being more affordable than others. Use our Get A Quote tool to get your pricing today! We now have locations across the United States!