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Fetchable Storage®: The Next Great Idea in Moving and Storage

Pete Warhurst sold PODS in 2007 but, since then, he has never stopped thinking about ways to improve the model. He believed so much in his ideas that he decided to start a new moving and storage company and do the initial funding from his own pocket. Less than three years later, Red Rover has opened 20 locations in 14 cities across the US and attracted almost $70 million in investment including a financing round led by Oppenheimer and Co.

Curious to learn more about the idea that has enabled so much growth and investor interest?

Listen to Pete's Story

Pete told the story of his journey from firefighter/paramedic to a successful, industry-changing entrepreneur on an episode of "How I Built This with Guy Raz." In this podcast, you will learn more of Pete's backstory, how he forever changed the moving and storage industry with the creation of PODS®, and why he came out of retirement to do it again with Red Rover®.

Is a Red Rover® Franchise Right for You?

Red Rover is reimagining what is possible within the moving and storage industry. We are using technology to put the customer in control of their experience in a totally new way.

Our early success can be attributed to the right idea meeting the right team. Now we are expanding our team by adding franchises.  To learn more about becoming a Red Rover franchisee, complete the information below.

Industry Changing Success in Moving and Storage

Industry Changing Success in Moving and Storage

Pete Warhurst has a 100% success rate in profitable exits during his entrepreneurial career. He has found success in developing everything from 911 dispatch systems to a car wash concept.

Pete’s most recognizable success came from PODS®. He founded PODS® in 1997, selling it ten years later for $430 million dollars. By creating the Portable Storage concept, Pete created an entirely new category within the moving and storage industry. He founded Red Rover in 2020 because he was ready to do it again, this time with Fetchable Storage.

Fetchable Storage offers more control and flexibility than any other moving and storage option. Traditional self-storage requires multiple trips or renting a truck. Portable storage companies leave you at the mercy of their delivery schedules. Fetchable Storage® puts the customer in the driver’s seat allowing them to access their storage unit on their schedule.


Have Questions About Becoming a Red Rover Franchisee?

Selecting the right franchise can feel overwhelming. In an effort to help you decide if a Red Rover franchise is right for you we have created a franchise document that further explains the benefits of franchising with us. If you read through this brochure and have any questions, or are ready to move forward with the franchise process you can fill out the above form and a member of our team will contact you shortly. Click below to download our franchising brochure. 

What Separates Fetchable Storage From the Rest of the Pack?

What Separates Fetchable Storage From the Rest of the Pack?

  • Storage available on demand
  • Multifunctional ramp allowing for side or rear loading
  • Brand new trucks with the latest in driver's assist and safety features
  • Brand new containers in multiple sizes (8'x8'x8' and 8'x8'x16')
  • Multi-container delivery capacity allows you to move up to 50% more contents in a single trip
  • Our storage centers allow access for insurance adjusters without you having to be there. 
  • Off-site storage: Keep your container at our secure storage centers
  • On-site storage: Keep your container at your site and return it when your done

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