Moving Truck Size Guide

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Choosing the right size moving truck rental is one of the most important aspects of having a safe and smooth move. If you pick a moving truck that is too small, you may experience a moving nightmare. The good news is Red Rover offers multiple truck sizes for you to choose from. We offer free 8-foot, 16–foot, and 24-foot moving trucks when you rent a portable storage container with us. You just need to determine which truck size works best for your local or long-distance move. This guide offers you helpful tips to pick the right size moving truck for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Truck for My Move?

The hardest part is choosing the best truck size for your move. Start by making a list of items you plan on moving, taking inventory of your larger items first. Then, move on to smaller items that you can put in boxes and stack on top of each other. Creating a list can help you assess which truck is better for you. However, there are also two standard ways that can help you estimate the truck size you need.

By Number of Bedrooms

One of the easiest ways to get a rough estimate of what size you need is by the number of bedrooms in your home. We recommend renting one of our following truck sizes based on these bedroom types.

  • 8-Foot Moving Truck: Studio apartments and small apartments

  • 16-Foot Moving Truck: 1-2 bedroom apartments and small homes

  • 24-Foot Moving Truck: 3 or more bedroom homes

However, not all bedrooms are the same size. Our estimates are based on a moderately furnished home or apartment. Pro tip: If you’re ever unsure of what moving truck size you need – always choose a larger truck size.

By Cubic Feet

Another common way for you to estimate your moving truck size is by measuring the cubic feet of storage for each available truck. This works if you can get an estimate of the cubic feet of your belongings, especially your larger items, such as couches or large bedroom sets. Pro tip: You should always allow 150-200 cubic feet of storage space for each furnished room in your apartment or home. Our trucks can hold the following size containers and cubic square feet.

  • 8-Foot Moving Truck: Holds one 8′ container (431 cubic square feet).

  • 16-Foot Moving Truck: Holds one 16′ container (866 cubic square feet) or two 8′ containers (862 cubic square feet – 431 per container).

  • 24-Foot Moving Truck: Holds one 16′ container and one 8′ container (1297 cubic square feet – 866 for 16′, 431 for 8′) or three 8′ containers (1239 cubic square feet – 431 per container).

Choose Your Moving Truck Size

Now that you have a better understanding of what size truck may work best for your upcoming move, it’s time to choose your moving truck size. Compare our 8-foot, 16-foot, and 24-foot moving truck rentals to see which one fits your moving and storage needs.

8-Foot Moving Truck

Our 8-foot moving trucks are perfect for you if you have a dorm room, studio apartment, or

small one bedroom apartment with little furniture. If you live in a crowded city or urban area, our 8-foot trucks are easy to maneuver through tight city streets where p

arking may be difficult. Eight-foot trucks also can hold our 8-foot storage containers that have rear and side access to make loading and unloading easier.

8-Foot Truck Features & Specifications

  • Backup camera

  • Height Clearance: 13 feet

  • Length: 18 feet

  • Holds up to 5,500 lbs

  • Fits one 8-foot storage container

  • Mounted dolly and 15-foot ramp

  • Max load is over 2,500 lbs greater than U-Haul’s 10-foot truck

16-Foot Moving Truck

Our 16-foot moving truck works best if you have a 1-2 bedroom apartment, condo, or small house. It’s our most popular truck size, because you can combine two of our 8-foot storage

containers on the back of the

truck, or fit just one 16-foot container for maximum storage space. It’s the perfect solution if you want to save money on multiple container rentals.

16-Foot Truck Features & Specifications

  • Backup camera

  • Height Clearance: 13 feet

  • Length: 25 feet

  • Holds up to 7,700 lbs

  • Fits one 16-foot storage container or two 8-foot containers

  • Mounted dolly and 15-foot ramp

  • Max load is over 300-2000 lbs greater than U-Haul’s 15-foot to 20-foot trucks

24-Foot Moving Truck

Our 24-foot moving truck is great for single-family homes and townhomes with three or more bedrooms. It’s our largest truck size that allows for the ultimate storage. You can fit three of our 8-foot containers with side access on our 24-foot trucks to keep different room items separate, or select one of our 16-foot containers in combination with an 8-foot container if you need extra room. It’s the perfect size truck if you aren’t sure how much storage you need.

24-Foot Truck Features & Specifications

  • Backup camera

  • Height Clearance: 13 feet

  • Length: 36 feet

  • Holds up to 9,600 lbs

  • Fits one 16-foot container and one 8-foot container, or three 8-foot containers

  • Mounted dolly and 15-foot ramp

Find the Right Moving Truck Size For You

With multiple moving truck size options, you can find the right size truck for your move with Red Rover. Our 8-foot, 16-foot, and 24-foot moving trucks are free of charge when you rent a portable storage container with us. All of our trucks come with backup cameras, free roadside assistance, and lane departure warnings for you to have a safe moving experience.

You also don’t need to worry about loading your items into a moving truck or cramming them into your car. We place your storage units right onto your truck before you come to pick it up, so you can easily load your items directly into your container. All you need is a valid driver’s license to drive one of our truck rentals. Call us today to learn more about our moving truck sizes and local and long-distance moving services!