24-Foot Moving Trucks: Compare to Our Competitors' 20' to 26' Box Trucks

Red Rover® provides customers with 24-foot moving trucks, our largest option for those who aren’t sure how much storage space they need. Available at any Red Rover location, our 24-foot moving trucks offer more room, flexibility, and convenience. If you’re looking for the ultimate moving and storage solution, check out our 24-foot moving trucks below.

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24-Foot Moving Truck Features

24-Foot Moving Truck Features

  • Our largest - selected by many who aren't sure how much storage they need.
  • Holds one 16' container and one 8' container, or three 8' containers.
  • Multiple container configurations.
  • Contents allowance for one 16' container and one 8' container is 9,600 lbs.
  • Equivalent self-storage center size: 25'x10'


Clearance needed (height): 13'
Length: 36'

24-Foot Moving Truck Safety Features and Other Conveniences:

  • Only a valid automobile license needed
  • Back up camera on every truck
  • Collision avoidance system with lane departure warning
  • Bumper mounted dolly on all trucks -- yours to use for free
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Sanitized between every use

How You’ll Use Your Moving Truck Rental with Our Storage Containers

Customers can apply different configurations with our 24-foot moving trucks and storage containers, unlike your standard rental truck company. Combine one 8-foot and 16-foot container, or three 8-foot containers — it’s up to you! Each time you schedule a pickup for your storage unit, we’ll get it loaded onto a FREE moving truck and have it cleaned before your use. Check out the video below for more details.

Moving Truck and Portable Storage Container Configurations

Not sure if a 16-foot container will fit all your belongings? Our 24-foot moving trucks give you the ability to choose from different configurations to satisfy your unique needs. For instance, you can select three 8-foot containers with side access, keeping different items and rooms separate. Or, start with a 16-foot container, and if you need more room, load up the 8-foot container as well. If you decide not to use the 8’ unit, it’s no charge! We offer deals on multiple storage unit rentals. To learn more, find your nearest Red Rover Storage Center Location.

24-Foot Truck & Container Configurations

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with 3 of our 8ft storage containers.

24' Truck + (3) 8' Containers (Side Access)

The ultimate in storage container organization, our (3) 8’ containers on a 24’ truck allows you to load up each individual container at once, keeping different items/rooms separate from other belongings. Access/unload each container as you need it.

View 24' Truck details
View 8' Container details


Clearance needed (height): 13'
Total length: 36'
Container sq. Footage: 1239 cubic square feet (431 per container)
Locks required: 6

A Red Rover moving truck loaded with a 16ft and 8ft storage container.

24' Truck

Not sure if a 16’ container will fit all your belongings? This configuration allows you to start with a 16’ container, and if you need more room, load up the 8’ container as well. If you end up not needing the 8’ unit, it’s no charge!

View 24' Truck details
View 16' Container details
View 8' Container details


Clearance needed (height): 13'
Total length: 36'
Container sq. Footage: 1297 cubic square feet (866 for 16', 431 for 8')
Locks required: 3

Need less space? Check out our 8-Foot and 16-Foot moving trucks.

PODS® Rental Cost vs. Red Rover Fetchable Storage for 24-Foot Moving Truck:

The founder of PODS®, Pete Warhurst, saw an opportunity to reinvent the moving and storage experience and created Red Rover. Our Fetchable Storage™ solution offers greater loadability and portability, and it is more cost-effective than traditional services. Here are some of the advantages of using our 24-foot moving truck over a comparable option from PODS®:
  • Free Moving Truck Rental with 8 or 16-foot Storage Unit
  • No fees for delivery or pickup
  • Scheduled pickup times so no wait times
  • No worries about zoning restrictions that might happen with placing a portable container on your property
  • Consistent savings no matter where you live. Check out comparisons from our current areas served:

Kind Words From Satisfied Customers

Red RoverĀ® Overall Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

I was a little nervous about using a big 24' truck but it actually was easy to drive. The back up cameras were a HUGE help!

Suzie L.

The ramp is very convenient, is hydraulic, and can access both the side and back of the container and can be extended (all movers were very impressed).

Ronja L.

Self-driving makes scheduling easier. Love the hydraulic ramp and modern technology in the cab.

Jill H.

Picked up the truck with the container and I was completely surprised how clean the truck and the container was. The truck was spotless.

Anthony S.

Anyone can do it! Very easy to operate. I will use Red Rover again.

Alena N.

Where Can I Find 24-Foot Moving Trucks Near Me?

Red Rover is growing rapidly and will soon be open in markets across the country! The following states are where you can currently find a Red Rover location and are also available for long-distance moving services.

A New Solution Backed By Over 150 Years Of Expertise

The Red Rover® team is focused on providing moving and storage solutions that are more affordable and convenient than traditional options. With our Fetchable Moving & Storage™ containers, you can pick up and drop off your containers at your convenience, no waiting on drivers and no hidden fees. And if you’re moving long-distance, we do the driving from one of our locations to the next.

Red Rover was founded by Pete Warhurst, who founded PODS®. His goal was to bring together a team of industry veterans to define a new breed of moving and storage that puts the customer in the driver’s seat. We’re happy to say he succeeded!

PODS® and the PODS® logo are the registered trademarks of PODS.

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